Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect. . . If you have yet to see this movie please stop what you are doing and drive to your local Target and purchase it immediately; it really is in your best interest to do so. It most definitely has made it onto my list of favorite movies; besides being absolutely hilarious it makes me want to have a dance party on the spot. And I love dance parties!!!! So please just watch it!!!

the POST Christmas BLUEs

Merry Christmas all. . . I officially suck at consistently blogging, but we all knew that. . . I currently have the post Christmas blues. Everything leading up to Christmas is all excitement and lights and shinnies and then bluh it is all over and there is the craziness of a new year, which is always stressful cause it is just a reminder of what you didn't achieve last year (like blogging)... Plus the last few days I have gotten to spend time with all of my favorite people expect for Erin and now they are all gone so that was a flurry of fun and now it's just me chilling all alone in my childhood room (which is quite cluttered). So that is why I am blue... and I decided the best thing to do would to just write the blues away. I am hoping that this blogging thing will pick up in the next coming months. Since I am heading onto a major adventure. I will be leaving for four months in Costa Rica in just a week. And no I do not speak Spanish. It is definitely going to be an adventure; one I am equal parts extremely excited and horribly terrified for. 

I just realized that the majority of the posts (the few of them) that I have put up are photo-less; which is very sad. Because I like pretty pictures as I am sure you do to. So I will just have to take care of that. I am hoping that Costa Rica will yield some pretty pictures!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!