Thursday, June 14, 2012

Off to the beach....

Where have I been?? One might wonder. And I wish I could say that I have been traveling off on many adventures; which in some ways I have been but mostly I have been at home lost in my own thoughts. A blog is a funny thing, it is an opportunity to share your thoughts with the world (or with the very few people who are at all interested in the silly happenings of your life), but I find that it comes with great pressure. It is kind of like updating your facebook statues, you go to write something and then wonder to yourself if you really want all of your "friends" to read it (or is that just me?). Anywho.... sometimes I am just not quite sure what to write or how much to write, and by not making a decision I am making a decision, and that is the very reason for my disappearing act. I would promise to do better, but that would be like at the beginning of a semester telling yourself you aren't going to procrastinate, it's just a straight out lie.

Tomorrow my mom and I might wander off to the beach.  I really hope we do so, to me the beach is a little bit of God's magic. The sound of the ocean has an amazing way of washing away all of your worries.  Even when you are surround by other beach goers its like you are on your own little island where anything is possible, and everything can change at a moment's notice, the clouds can clear and the sun can come out.

With regards to my little etsy shop, I did create it, but if you tried to find it there wouldn't be anything for sale. I decided that I wasn't quite prepared to spend all of my summer sewing, event though in one way or another I probably will. Also do you know how many people are selling aprons on etsy, its quite a flooded market. And then there was the fact that there are so many decisions to be made, how much tax you should be charging, shipping and billing methods. To be quite honest I was just to darn overwhelmed. And since I will be moving to DC in the fall and my sewing machine will be remaining on the west coast I figure when I am settled in one place again my etsy shop will still be waiting for me and I will tackle the whole thing once again.

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