Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A week in Hannover. . .

I spent the past week in Northern Germany visiting Claudia and Dennis' families in Hannover. This is also where both of them grew up and went to University so it was very fun to get to see where there lives started and all the places that hold special memories for them. The first few days we were there were a tiny bit challenging for me just because I was surrounded by all of their family (a large group) and everyone was speaking German, understandably of course. It is a really unnerving feeling to be surrounded by strangers and not understanding a word. But the trip as a whole was a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Dennis and Claudia took all of us kids to this huge indoor play area. It had trampolines and mini soccer fields. Lexi and I spent the majority of our time playing in the ball pin. The benefit of hanging out with a three year old is that no one questions when you are running around in a children's play center.

We played a little scrabble. If you can't understand half of the words that is because it was bilingual scrabble. All of my words are in english, Benni got to use english and German and Claudia had to use German. It was quite an adventure. And actually quite tricky. It's hard to make words when you don't understand half of them. But we had a great time and Benni and I teamed up to beat Claudia.

Here we have some ice skating ducks. Didn't know ducks could ice skate now did you??? Yep it's a special talent that only the German ducks have.

We went to this really neat museum called the Pheano. It is part of the VW center (where the cars and head offices are built). It is a technical museum that the boys loved. It had all these interactive things you could play with such as giant marble runs (and I mean giant). Above was this thing that you could climb in, and it probably was meant for small children and not adults, but Claudia and I wanted a picture in it, which resulted in me getting temporarily stuck and barely making it out alive (slight exaggeration). It was quite funny though.

We made it back home to Gaimmersheim in quite a hurry. You see the trains go nice and fast here. Waist no time.

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