Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Even more snow

Oh my goodness so much snow!!! It has snowed lightly the past two days and today it has gotten a bit crazy; they are even canceling flights out of Munich. But it is absolutely beautiful!!! On Monday night after the boys went to bed Claudia and Dennis and I went for a short walk around the neighborhood and there just isn't anything more beautiful then seeing a snow covered city glowing in the moonlight.
Today Claudia and I will be heading out on some sort of adventure; we aren't sure what yet, the heavy snow changes are plans a bit. Yesterday we met a friend of Claudia's for breakfast at the Audi forum. And it was delicious. In Ingolstdat Audi has quite a few production lines as well as its big offices and they also have the Forum which contains an area to pick up your new car if you so chose, a movie theater where they show independent type films, a car museum, a fancy restaurant and then a second nicer cafeteria style restaurant. We went to the latter of the two and had an all you can eat buffet style breakfast, that being said neither of us needed lunch we were so full afterwards. But it was so yummy, plus I got to sleep in which was nice. On most mornings I try to wake up and eat breakfast with everyone, which means waking up at 6:15 (which is very early!!! especially when your bed is all warm and the outside world is freezing!!!)

Later today or tomorrow I will post pictures from Max's robot themed birthday party hat we had on Monday!!!!

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