Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a New Year...

Typically I am very against New Year’s Resolutions, because they tend to be unrealistic lists of things that you are never going to fulfill. It’s a continuous reminder of failure. But since I have all this free time and I am not quite sure what’s next I thought making a small list of some things I would like to do differently might not be that bad idea. But very importantly a realistic list of some little things that I would like to add to my daily life.

  1. Be Active: This does not mean working out everyday (that has not happen since my basketball career ended). But rather getting up and out and doing things; this might mean a walk, lunch with a friend, or an outing to a garden.
  2. Regularly Blog: Not sure how realistic this is based on my previous project but it is something that I really want to put more effort into.
  3. Etsy: I would like to open and maintain an Etsy shop so I have something to do with my sewing projects. This might be difficult depending on where I end up in the fall but I have a while before that’s an issue.
  4. Be Intent: I am really bad at just doing things with out really thinking about this. Especially regarding watching TV and movies; I love both very dearly but I want to starting spending my time more intently; spend my time doing more than just watching the stories of others lives and actually living mine.
  5. Write more Letters: I think hand written letters are wonderful, I love receiving them and I love sending. I plan to spend 2012 actively supporting the Postal Service through snail mail.
  6. Be at Peace with the Unknown: Right now there are a lot of things in my life that I just don't have answers to do. The future is a bit unknown. Most days I am pretty okay with this, but sometimes it really gets to me. I hope that I will be able to spend less time worrying about it and enjoying the simple everyday moments.
So these aren't any major or drastic changes, just a few small things I would like to focus on. But hopefully they will make for a fun year, because I am fully intent on this be a wonderful year regardless of what happens. Happy New Year!!