Thursday, November 3, 2011

a pair of shoes fit for an Anna. . .

Things have been quite crazy here at school. I have less than a month left till I am done with college and I can't believe it. Before that date comes I have a million homework assignments and tests left (not an exaggeration at all). There is also that big presentation that I have to give this weekend (yay!). After a minor freak out I have managed to realize that as you get each thing done the list gets shorter and shorter. Amazing how after all these years I still forget that it is all doable.

Now back to shoes. These little beauties are just magnificent. I would wear them continuously, mainly I imagine myself doing laundry with these on and visiting the grocery store. These are my ruby slippers. Sadly they are a little bit to pricey. One day I will find a way to make sure that I have a pair of shoes with one to many bows.

The beautiful shoes are designed be Jeffrey Campbell and can be found here.

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