Friday, November 25, 2011

the sillies. . .

So Erin and I have the sillies. They are quite contagious. It seems that when there are only 12 days left of your undergrad college life it is extremely hard to focus, especially on the few assignments that have yet to be completed. And instead of acting like the adult you are on your way to becoming you revert to your childhood days where everything is worth stopping and falling to the ground because you are laughing so hard (hasn't happened yet but I am quite certain it will soon). Some days are filled with irks of sadness as we realize that we are going to start experiencing lasts; today was the last day we would eat brunch in the school cafeteria. But it is also very fun as we find things that we have to do before we both leave CLU; like watch the sun set together or eat at our favorite place for breakfast. The years have gone by quickly but I hope that the next 12 days go by slowly because although I couldn't be more ready to graduate I will greatly miss this place that I have called home for the last 3 and a half years and the people who have become an active part of my everyday life.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a pair of shoes fit for an Anna. . .

Things have been quite crazy here at school. I have less than a month left till I am done with college and I can't believe it. Before that date comes I have a million homework assignments and tests left (not an exaggeration at all). There is also that big presentation that I have to give this weekend (yay!). After a minor freak out I have managed to realize that as you get each thing done the list gets shorter and shorter. Amazing how after all these years I still forget that it is all doable.

Now back to shoes. These little beauties are just magnificent. I would wear them continuously, mainly I imagine myself doing laundry with these on and visiting the grocery store. These are my ruby slippers. Sadly they are a little bit to pricey. One day I will find a way to make sure that I have a pair of shoes with one to many bows.

The beautiful shoes are designed be Jeffrey Campbell and can be found here.