Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin cream cheese muffins. . .

So I haven't really got the consistency of blogging down. My mom asked me how frequently I would post and if there was a schedule. Well you see I had planned for this to be a daily thing. . . And as you can tell so far that hasn't worked so well. So I am now aiming for three times a week and lets hope I can exceed my expectations this time around.

This week will be filled with lots of homework! yay! There are many things I get nostalgic about when I think of graduation but homework never makes the list. This past weekend I did some homework but also made quite a bit of time for fun. On Friday I went to Community Group with Erin (for those of you who don't know Erin is my roommate and dear friend; I might have already mentioned that). Community Group is a group of people in the community from the church we attend - Anthem. It's a nice little church with a good group of people. And then on Saturday Erin and I decided to venture to LA with the hopes of finding some really cool things and places to take pictures of. Well it was definitely an adventure. Erin had looked up a store from this magical place called DesignSponge; where they have city guides that list nifty places you should see in most of the large cities. We kind of misestimated how far away it was from where we decided to park, which allowed us a lovely (though seemingly never ending) walk through Beverly Hills. It was one of those situations where when you really realize how much farther away it is you don't want to turn back because you have already walked so far. Although the store wasn't very exciting we found a wonderful bakery called Magnolia Bakery and we had this delicious cold peanut pie thing that was just spectacular. And then we walked back to our car and drove home with photos of pie.

Last Monday I found a recipe from TaseSpotting for Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. So yummy; they kind of taste like the ones from Starbucks but better cause they are made with Anna love. We have been stock piling on pumpkin because apparently there is going to be another shortage. I have a feeling when we end up moving out in December we will still have pumpkin left. But that's okay pumpkin is just magical it makes it fall. Here is the recipe and a few pictures of how yummy they turned out to be.

The recipe is from the nonpareil baker and you can find it here. One bit of advice is to make sure you read the directions first because you do have to freeze the filling for two hours ahead of time. And I normally start baking projects at 8:30 in the evening and that would have made for a late night of baking.

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