Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hair fit for a Princess!

On Sunday evening Erin and I decided to go out with a few of our friends. We went to this place called PJs and is bar in the parking lot where Trader Joes and Rite Aid. It's a whole in the wall type of place. Not the kind where you get there and you are so happy you found it and you contemplate whether or not you should tell your friends about it; because really you just want it to be your little secret. PJs is definitely not that. It is a slightly sketchy bar in a grocery store parking lot; that attracts the middle aged Thousand Oaks (TO) drunks; classy right. But on Sunday nights they have karaoke and you would be amazed how well those middle aged TO drunks sing. We didn't stay more than hour because when you are not drinking and everyone else is it really isn't all that much fun; mainly because everything is way more funny to the people drinking then to you. But the walk back to our dorm was lovely and involved a long chat about our last few months at CLU and what the future looks like. A future that is less than eight weeks away. Yikes!

But the real story is that I did Erin's hair before we went out.

I think because of the fact that I can't curl my own hair I always feel the need to curl everyone else's. It's just so pretty! In the last mont I have colored her hair, cut bangs for her, and now styled it. I bet she didn't know she was moving in with her own personal hair dresser. Best part is my fee can be paid of in chocolate chip cookies.

Although we may not be going back to PJs; I think we will be having more styling sessions-cause it is just good clean fun! ! !

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